Organisations with large WANs, multiple data connections and high-latency WAN environments, need a reliable, cost-effective, high-performance networking solution that enables seamless management of data movement and offers maximum uptime.

UniGr8ways, an innovative networking router by Cnergee Technologies Pvt. Ltd, save you the hassle and cost of engaging multiple vendors to provide and manage the various components in their network. UniGr8ways offer a single-window suite of flexible capabilities that can transform how you manage your network and optimize your bandwidth. Our solutions

Bandwidth Aggregation
Bandwidth Management
WiFi Management & APs

Key Benefits of UniGr8ways SD WAN

• Significant cost savings—up to 95% comp ared to MPLS and P2P
• More Bandwidth than MPLS and P2P
• Assured Maximum network uptime
• Redundant and higher connectivity than VPN
• Quick and easy to deploy and manage

Bandwidth Aggregation

• Intelligent bandwidth aggregation with smart load balancing and
• Connect bandwidth from Multiple sources (Lease Line, Broadband
and 4G LTE dongle)
• Full bandwidth utilization
• Higher redundancy and uptime
• Increased network ROI

AAA & Bandwidth Management

• Enhanced user experience
• User wise bandwidth management
• Higher user productivity (Application wise QoS and Content filter)
• Streamlined network and bandwidth optimization
• Reliable accounting of time, duration and usage

• Protection against attack from specified countries
• Soft-blocking and override capabilities
• Domain and content-based filtering

AP Controller
• Centralized installation, configuration, monitoring, and management
• Offers flexibility, scalability, and efficiency
• Enables easy management of multi-site, multi-tenancy networks
• Works with multiple wireless network devices
• Significant cost efficiencies

Features Offered by UniGr8ways

Saves upto 95% cost on MPLS

Network in 30min flat -Extremely useful in remote locations

Virtually 100% uptime due to multi-source bandwidth including 4G dongles

Manages 50 to 50000 users on a single box

Graphical Interface in multiple languages